Ethereal Shadows


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“ETHEREAL SHADOWS is a landmark achievement in contemporary media studies: a must read for anyone who wants to understand contemporary media power— the impasses of totalitarian spectacular power as well as the exodus routes of autonomous constituent communication powers.” — Jack Z. Bratich, author of CONSPIRACY PANICS

“In a not-so-distant TV-centric regime, against a background of tightening media control and rising levels of mental pollution, a postmedia battle unfolds over the future of the social brain… More than a simple chronicle of the rise of Berlusconi’s videocratic power, more than a useful inventory of Italian media activists’ inventions (from free radios to the microantennas of StreetTV), Ethereal Shadows reveals the global challenges to autonomous expression opened by the neuro-electronic mutations of the collective mind.” – Tiziana Terranova, author NETWORK CULTURE

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