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The Hotel of Irrevocable Acts


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"Carl Watson is a true visionary and an artist of letters, who also happens to be a pure pleasure to read." — John Strausbaugh

"Carl Watson gets the hiphop of the mind in the electro-apocalypse of multinational succubi…. He gets the rhythm of it, he gets its deep logic, he gets the insidiousness of its twining round the DNA of our zombie era of consumerist oubliette. Read this book if you want to tune in to the real game going on in the back of your head: the nightmare lives, code exposed. Nobody does it better." — Robert Siegle, author of Suburban Ambush

"The cage hotel that modern man calls a mind is irrevocably set for Carl Watson’s haunting drift into a world of ever-changing frames. Literature has rarely summed up the terror of being so vividly." — Thierry Marignac, author of Fasciste and À quai

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The Art of Free Cooperation

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If capitalism is a vampire that feeds off living labor, what’s living labor anyway? This book provides a powerful answer: collective creativity. Yet somehow, as the authors note, no one ever studies collective creativity as a thing itself. If there was ever a book that deserves to kick off an entire literature, this is it.
— David Graeber, author of Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value

In coupling two troubled words together, Lovink and Scholz open up a whole new terrain for reality hacking. Under this banner they have assembled a top mob who make their own rules and show you how to live by your own rules too. Essential reading for all the artists of making the impossible possible.
—McKenzie Wark, author of A Hacker Manifesto and Gamer Theory

The Art of Free Cooperation explores viable alternatives to forced collaborations under the over-arching principle of competition proper to neo-liberal regimes. The irreducible sociality of economic production opens up the possibility of redesigning the social here and now, through an experimental practice which cannot wait for the day after the revolution.
Reinvigorating reading for those who dream (and practice) advanced exit strategies from the false choice between twentieth-century State-socialism and free market economics.
—Tiziana Terranova, author of Network Culture: Politics for the Digital Age

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"This book is more than welcome. It begins to remedy the striking paucity of reading matter in English on the Provo movement—a movement with so many lessons, both positive and negative, for radicals today." — Donald Nicholson-Smith, translator of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle

"Thanks to Kempton’s engaging history, Amsterdam’s Provos will careen into your heart on their white bicycles, toss you a chicken, and renew an anarchism that both provoked authority and promised a free and communal civic space." — Cindy Milstein, Institute for Anarchist Studies

"Absurd and artistic as well as effective and influential, today’s Left could learn a lot from the Provo’s spirited anarchy." — Stephen Duncombe, author of Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy

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