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Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life

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Imaginal Machines explores with humor and wit the condition of art and politics in contemporary capitalism. It reviews the potentials and limits of liberatory art (from surrealism to Tom Waits) while charting the always-resurgent creations of the collective imagination. Shukaitis exhibits a remarkable theoretical breadth, bringing together the work of Castoriadis, the Situationists, and autonomous Marxism to define a new task for militant research: constructing imaginal machines that escape capitalism. Imaginal Machines is truly a book that makes a path by walking.” – Silvia Federici, author of Caliban and the Witch: Women the Body and Primitive Accumulation

“If you have ever had someone say to you, ‘okay it’s fine to criticize but what would you do?’ this is the book for you. Shukaitis takes us on a raucous ride through actually existing alternative organizations that are anarchic, loving, fun, and best of all they work. We meet people and organizations who imagine a completely different way of being together in the world. And we are never far from a sophisticated theoretical travelogue as we walk these roads with the author. What would you do? Try this, and this, and this!” – Stefano Harney, Chair in Strategy, Culture, and Organization, University of London

Red Genes, Blue Genes: Exposing Political Irrationality

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“American politics is irrational, but Guillermo Jiménez explains why this is the case so rationally and sensibly that this country would be in a far better place if everyone read this very well-written book — and better yet, examined and reconsidered their voting patterns because of it.” — Gene Stone, author of The Bush Survival Bible

"Guillermo Jiménez brings an element to political analysis that is both rare and welcome: self-reflection. His theory of political irrationality is not likely to please hyper-partisans of either the left or the right. For that very reason, it strikes me as indispensable." — Mark Goldblatt, political columnist, author of Africa Speaks

The Worst Book I Ever Read

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“The Unbearables bare all; they are unbearably smart, unbearably talented, and unbearably lively — but here are the Unbearables at their highly bearable best. It’s a pleasure to find out what this group finds unbearable in such an engaging manner.” — Samuel Delany, author of Dark Reflections."The Unbearables are a bunch of cranks, crackpots, malcontents, misanthropes,ass-pains and brain-aches. Bless their sour pusses.” — John Strausbaugh, author of Sissy Nation and Black Like You

“From stapling together issues of the National Poetry Magazine Of The Lower Eastside at CBGBs in the mid ‘80s, to the publication of the Unbearables, Crimes of the Beats, Help Yourself! and now The Worst Book I Ever Read anthologies, the Unbearables have doggedly held onto their collective ideal, punk irreverence, and endless store of creative energy. It’s like the Disneyfication of downtown New York never happened.” — Brandon Stosuy, editor of Up Is Up, But So Is Down

“The Unbearables ARE!” — Bob Holman, Monsignor of the Bowery Poetry Club and King of the Spoken Word.

"The Unbearables are a bunch of cranks, crackpots, malcontents, misanthropes, ass-pains and brain-aches. Bless their sour pusses.” — John Strausbaugh, author of Sissy Nation and Black Like You

“Is this ‘nuevo lingo’ or just the infuriating talent of the avant garde? Kauffman and Feast, among others, self-expertise their talents of the comic thrown off centrifuge. So hang onto the Handel bars. The values here are devious, deviant, and delicious.” — Barney Rosset, former publisher of Grove Press & Evergreen Review

Ethereal Shadows

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“ETHEREAL SHADOWS is a landmark achievement in contemporary media studies: a must read for anyone who wants to understand contemporary media power— the impasses of totalitarian spectacular power as well as the exodus routes of autonomous constituent communication powers.” — Jack Z. Bratich, author of CONSPIRACY PANICS

“In a not-so-distant TV-centric regime, against a background of tightening media control and rising levels of mental pollution, a postmedia battle unfolds over the future of the social brain… More than a simple chronicle of the rise of Berlusconi’s videocratic power, more than a useful inventory of Italian media activists’ inventions (from free radios to the microantennas of StreetTV), Ethereal Shadows reveals the global challenges to autonomous expression opened by the neuro-electronic mutations of the collective mind.” – Tiziana Terranova, author NETWORK CULTURE

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