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New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty

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“After the highpoint of the subversive decade 1968-1977, Italian autonomist Marxism and French theory of desire meet at the intersection of two different methodologies of subjectivation. Social recomposition of the working class and molecular proliferation of desire merge, and together open a new space for theory and for social action. While the ideologies of the twentieth century are falling, Toni Negri and Félix Guattari trace the lines of a new vision of autonomy.” – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

The Ass's Tale

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“Hot dog! Dirty dog! If you ever wanted to know about invisible sex, check this out!” — Steve Cannon, author of "Groove, Bang, and Jive Around" and Director of Gathering of Tribes Gallery

“There is a hidden blessing in knowing John Farris… deeply hidden.” — David Hammons, Installation Artist


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"Pareidolia's field of play is that of the questions behind the questions. Granted, as Watson suggests, a determinist science has proved humans are basically simple machines, rotors, churning a mix of DNA & biological chemicals. And granted a determinist outside of persuasive ads, sellthrough thoughts & FB solicitations have configured people into simple, will-free consumption buckets. Watson poses this question: Not only is there but has there even been a human life? And if there has been how could it survive under this determinist assault? The answer unrolls in querulous, curious infernos of seductive lyrics. Referencing (and poking) Stevens, Hopkins, Eliot & Baudelaire, these poems (like those of the last master mentioned) offer the reader the excitement & ecstasy of a sponge bath of blood in the basement of the famed Heartbreak Motor Lodge." — Jim Feast
"Talking of pareidolia, Leonardo Da Vinci said, If you stare at the stained wall long enough, you see an infinite number of unimaginable things. Like a sharply observant clear-eyed artist, Carl Watson stares at the stained wall called LIFE in order to reflect its mesmerizing light & shadow on his psyche. His vision will guide those who are ready to morph themselves into anything unimaginable to reach the untouched shore pulsing with the devastatingly ecstatic & cruelly existential JOY of LIFE to its highest degree." — Yuko Otomo
"Carl Watson is a writer who comes from the ancient age of madness, with his singular style and approach to the phenomenon of living. Watson s work explores with an unrivaled intensity the essence of our common destiny. For those readers who really pay attention, his words are like small bobs injected into the brain and memory that we cannot defuse or neutralize. We are proud to have him in our catalog." — Benoit Laudier
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